Below shows a simple example that demonstrates how to use AT commands and the HyperTerminal program of Microsoft Windows to read SMS text messages received by a GSM / GPRS modem or mobile phone.
AT OK AT+CMGF=1 OK AT+CMGL="ALL" +CMGL: 1,"REC READ","+85291234567",,"06/11/11,00:30:29+32" Hello, welcome to our SMS tutorial. +CMGL: 2,"REC READ","+85291234567",,"06/11/11,00:32:20+32" A simple demo of SMS text messaging. OK
Here is a description of what is done in the above example:
• Line 1: "AT" is sent to the GSM / GPRS modem to test the connection. The GSM / GPRS modem sends back the result code "OK" (line 2), which means the connection between the HyperTerminal program and the GSM / GPRS modem works fine.
• Line 3: The AT command +CMGF is used to instruct the GSM / GPRS modem to operate in SMS text mode. The result code "OK" is returned (line 4), which indicates the command line "AT+CMGF=1" has been executed successfully. If the result code "ERROR" is returned, it is likely that the GSM / GPRS modem does not support the SMS text mode. To confirm, type "AT+CMGF=?" in the HyperTerminal program. If the response is "+CMGF: (0,1)" (0=PDU mode and 1=text mode), then SMS text mode is supported. If the response is "+CMGF: (0)", then SMS text mode is not supported.
• Line 5-9: The AT command +CMGL is used to list all SMS text messages in the message storage of the GSM / GPRS modem. There are two SMS text messages in the message storage: "Hello, welcome to our SMS tutorial." and "A simple demo of SMS text messaging.". "+85291234567" is the sender mobile phone number. "06/11/11,00:30:29+32" and "06/11/11,00:32:20+32" tell us when the SMS text messages were received by the SMSC. "+32" is the time zone. Note that the unit is a quarter of an hour. So, +32 means GMT+8 hours, since 32 quarters of an hour = 8 hours. "REC READ" indicates both of the SMS text messages have been read before.
• Line 11: The result code "OK" indicates the execution of the AT command +CMGL is successful.

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