The modern electronic and telecommunications equipment permit us to reach one step further in transmission and recording of ECG signals. The new, miniature ECG machines having many possibilities and advantages are offered to physicians and patients. They are much smaller and lighter than standard ECG machines used in telemetry. It is not necessary to connect cumbersome ECG cables and to apply ECG electrodes, because a new recorder has sealed metal contacts. It is interesting that such recorders are made as common daily used small things, like wallet for credit cards, bills, etc.
The education of the patient is very simple. By simply placing the contacts against the chest the user can record a real-time ECG signal. The users can carry such ECG devices not only in their homes, but also while working, traveling or driving a car. Thus, no matter where the user is located, when he feels heart irregularities, he has the ability to record and to transmit the ECG signal by only pressing a button. The recorded data on some models can be completely viewed on a built-in small LCD monitor.

Twenty-four hours a day, all the year round, the centre receives ECG’s from many patients in a real-time, and the patients have a direct access to a cardiologist. Detailed real-time ECG waveforms are displayed on the centre monitors. The trained medical experts retrieve the patient’s medical history, receive his symptoms over the phone (standard or mobile), compare a transmitted ECG with a previously recorded ECG and interpret ECG. A quick initial analysis can be undertaken and instructions for the treatment and clinical advices can be given. If it is necessary, the position of the patient can be determined using GPS and emergency medical service can be contacted.


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