The methodology of this state-of-the-art design is to attach the leads of a portable Electronic circuit to the subjects' body while the other end of the circuit is interfaced with a cellular phone. After acquiring the bio-signals of electrocardiography from the body, the signal is filtered out by higher order low pass, band pass, high pass and band reject filters to remove the nugatory noise some frequencies of noise and other sort of radio wave interferences. The signal is then digitalized and converted to an appropriate packet form and then uploaded on the cellular network, via the cell phone, as SMS, in form of a text message. With practice, interpreting the ECG is a matter of pattern recognition and if the physicians or heart specialists are provided by the ECG in time, it can recuperate casualties and cessation of meritorious lives. Specialists and physicians can infer the cardiac disorders if provided by a recorded ECG waveform of about a minute span along with brief generic detail about the patient. Thus the transmitted ECG along with embedded brief generic information about subject can be received on either the physician

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