With the development of electronics and its application in medicine it is possible to transmit and process many vital parameters of the human body. The most important, and in this moment the most interesting signal for monitoring and analyzing is the electrocardiography (ECG) signal. For the patient suffering from the cardiac disease it is very important to perform accurate and quick diagnosis. For this purpose a continuous monitoring of the ECG signal and the patient’s current heart activity are necessary. In this medical field, a big progress has been achieved in last few years, especially by applying the latest generation of mobile phones.
Nowadays the ECG signal recording is usually performed in two main ways: by using the ECG machine in short time intervals during the examination by physician, or by using permanent 24 hours ECG recording and a later analysis (the so-called the Holter monitoring). The disadvantage of the first method is that it is not possible to have the complete diagnosis, and the shortcoming of the second method is that it is not possible to intervene immediately, which sometimes can be fatal.

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